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Frank Beltrame automatic knives for sale: best italian automatic knives

The automatic knives are characterized by the ability to extract the blade in an automatic way without removing it manually. The mechanism is based on the operation spring, which is driven pressing the button located on the handle. Once retracted the blade - for some models the action is manual, automatic for others - the spring is recompressed and locked through the stopper of the blade.


Because of their uniqueness, the automatic knives have become in a few years veritable cult objects to be collected; however, become an indispensable tool when used for hunting,
camping, hiking, and any other occasion where having a knife at hand becomes indispensable.


The best italian automatic knives are manufactured by the most famous Italian in the world: Frank Beltrame.
Custodians of a tradition that spans centuries, Frank Beltrame, the company continues to produce the best quality automatic knives and characterized by high quality fittings are unique in the world.


Visiting the site, you can view all types of automatic knives for sale: Pick Lock, B-Naked, B-Stealth, Classic Italian Stiletto, Humpback, Lever Lock, Spring Knives and Switchblades.


Italian Switchblade Automatic Knives for Sale: High Quality Cutlery Manufacturer Italian Pocket and Sporting Knives


Why buy Frank Beltrame Automatic knives?


For two simple reasons: to have a knife entirely produced in the traditional way over the years become a real cult object in the world; because the blades are made with the best stainless steel and the handles with rosewood, olive wood, snakewood first class or alternatively with bones of deer, ram, mother of pearl and abalone.


To receive more information on automatic knives for sale produced by the Frank Beltrame, email us at or call +39 0427701859.


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